Founded in 2018 by Lorna Codrai and Alessandra Podda, Vamp Cat Magazine is an online literary journal interested in the weird and wonderful stories from all corners of the globe and all people of the world.

Vamp Cat wants to showcase unique and imaginative short fiction, poetry and essays, as well as provide a platform for new and upcoming writers.

We are a space for anyone with an imagination — hopefully, a weird one!


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Cookie Codrai enjoys tuna, armpit rubs, shitting on the carpet, sneezing on her human while she's asleep and sticking her claws into people's thighs. She is very lazy and doesn't work and keeps the people who do work, up at night with her loud purring. She never went to school and cannot read so is completely useless when it comes to the magazine. However, her fur is very soft as she grooms 25 times a day.



Luna Podda is the newest addition to the Vamp Cat family but he has quickly made his weird self at home. He displays his tiger-like tendencies frequently and likes to pee in wicker bags. He, like Cookie, is also useless when it comes to the magazine but provides immense entertainment. However, his enthusiasm for wicker is as confusing as it is distracting for her mum when she is working.



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Lorna Codrai has a BA in English Literature from the University of Buckingham. She currently works as a freelance journalist in the UK and the UAE. Her work has appeared in The Telegraph, The Observer, Film Inquiry, Cinema Escapist, Screen Queens, Shawati' Magazine, and more. Her greatest passions are film and travel, and she is currently working on her first book. Click here to view her published writing.



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Alessandra Podda lives in the heart of London where she works as an English tutor and aspiring university lecturer. She has just completed her master's thesis entitled: '"The Villainy You Teach Me I Will Execute": An Exploration of Shakespeare's Shylock as an Outsider Through Religious and Social Prejudices'. She is currently working on her PhD at the University of Buckingham, where she is specialising in Shakespearean Literature. She's passionate about the gothic and macabre genres, as well as all things Shakespeare.