“Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”

—William Shakespeare, Macbeth

“Only a madman believes what every child knows to be true: There are monsters that

lie in wait under our beds.”

—Rick Yancey, The Monstrumologist


‘When The Snow Falls’

Amy Clarkin


‘The Wilkinsons’

Abby Simpson


‘Deep Into The Woods’

Martin White


‘Ca$h Money’

Tristan Drue Rogers


‘Step Inside My Circles’

Riley Cross



Grace Arenas



‘The Reunion’

Joaquin Fernandez



‘Famous Last Words’

Mileva Anastasiadou



‘The Endless Road’

Lisa Lerma Weber



‘The Witch's Cat’

Jacqueline Bartle



Seven Flash Pieces

Luis Felipe Hernández

(Translated by Toshiya Kamei)



‘Lakes Aren't For Swimming’

Catherine Kleindienst



‘That Time You Died’

Alexa Hailey


‘The Carnival’

Vera Armstead



‘Frosted Glass’

Tracy Pitts



‘Sortes Sanctorum’

E. Samples



‘Making a Jack-O-Lantern’ & ‘Blood Stiletto’

Marc Alan Di Martino



‘Reason For The Season’ & ‘Bare Bulb, Bare Stage’

Paige Poe


‘How Do You Like Them Apples?’ & ‘Halloweentown.’

Courtenay S Gray



Catherine Zickgraf



‘Old Salem’ & ‘Bargain’

December Lace


‘Hernysadharc’ & ‘Enfield, 1978’

Molly Eyre


‘The Man With The Sad Eyes’

Dave O’Leary


‘#metoo’ & ‘Samhain’

Melissa Tyndall


‘Spell To Bind Your Lover’ & ‘How To Curse Your Mother’

J. Summerisle Wilson


‘Costume Party In The Cemetery and A Love Story Part IV’ & ‘Isis Is Sick of Finding Icarus Drunk Behind The Shed’

Kiley Creekmore


‘Inhale’ & ‘Sea Maidens’

Rickey Rivers Jr.



‘Knight Piece’ & ‘Possessed’

Dragos Bogdan



‘Chrysalis’ & ‘Cosmic Onion’

Amee Nassrene Broumand



‘All Hallows Eve’

Sandy Phillips



‘Scrimshaw’ & ‘help me help me [...]’

Hannah Madonna



‘~Literally~’ & ‘They Came From The Walls’

Ellen Huang



‘Incantation’ & ‘Seer’

Claire Loader



‘Cheval Mallet of Vendée’ & ‘Salem Coven’

Christina Ciufo



‘***’ & ‘Me and My Demons’

Cecile Bol



‘After The Carnival’

Parul Yadav



‘Sunday Night Monsters’

Fabrice Poussin



‘Crow's Eve’ & ‘In Pythonissam Est Hora’

Ivy Robb



‘Buried In A Living Grave’ & ‘A Notable Enchanter’

Ray Ball



‘Boogieman’ & ‘The Longest Day’

Sarah Marquez



‘Hubble Bubble’

Tricia Atkin


‘Midnight Walk’ & ‘Pale Lady of the Night’

Thomas Zimmerman



‘Falling In Love (And Other Spells Cast)’ & ‘When Magic Is Spoken’

Ariel Moniz



‘Even Modern-Day Witches Have To Eat’

Tricia Waller




‘His Name Was Seven’

Alessandra Podda



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Photo by Igam Ogam on Unsplash

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