'The Many Advantages of Going Green' by Bridget Scrannage

Sally stepped out of the shower. Her damp, chestnut brown hair smelled of lavender and geranium. She towelled herself dry, then picked up a long-lasting crystal deodorant from the shelf where it had resided for the past 4 years. Next, she rubbed exotic oils into her skin; jasmine and gardenia adding to the floral scents wafting in the air. She pulled on bamboo underwear. Its softness caressed her skin. An organic cotton dress completed the outfit and she made her way downstairs.

Taking a trug from the upcycled kitchen table, she went through the back door and into the garden. The sun was bright in a blue sky. The air hummed with the sound of bees as she went up the lavender lined path that led to the greenhouse and vegetable patch. The smell of oregano, mint and thyme made her hungry. She cut a cucumber from the vine and popped a cherry tomato into her mouth. Its sweet taste burst onto her tongue with a flavour no supermarket produce could rival.

Martin looked up from where he was digging and nodded towards the roof. “Solar panels are doing well today,” he said.

“Yes,” Sally replied dreamily.

“There’s some courgettes ready to pick,” he added, then went back to his work, oblivious that she was watching the powerful muscles of his buttocks moving beneath his trousers with every push on the spade.

Sally’s friends had laughed when she’d joined the sustainable lifestyles group on social media. “You’ll meet some right freaks on there,” Kirsten had said. It’s strange though how Kirsten had also joined the group right after she’d found out that there were men like Martin in it.


Bridget Scrannage is the founder of a large global online writing community. Her work has been published in two anthologies and on various websites. https://bridgetscrannage.wordpress.com/

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