'Battle Born': A Poem by T. J. McGowan


Frail dreams brush against time,

as battle born eyes get lost

in the undulating terra cotta.

The silence speaks a familiar language.

The air, desperate for a pulse.

A mountain passes through my skin.

The slow chaos, a hypnosis

made of light and nothing,

dances a wild kiss

into view.

And the space between atoms

grows wide.

And the truth is raptured

to a heaven buried in my ribs.

And you,

with the raw depth of the sky

in your stare,

remind my heart to do its job

on days it seems to forget

how to work.


T. J. McGowan is a Bronx based writer who, most recently, has been published in Flash Fiction Mag, Collective Unrest, and 35MM, with a forthcoming publication in Mojave Heart. He has one full-length poetry collection, We Are Not One Thing, currently available, and dabbles in spoken word performance as well. T. J. spends his days as an Associate Producer for a Film & TV company in NYC, contributing to script and copy on most of the productions that pass through the doors.

IG/Twitter: @theeverydaybite

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