'In The Heat Of The Moment' & 'Your Love Is A Blessing/Curse': Two Poems by Courtenay S Gray


Here we are again,

At that frayed edges border.

There are two signs,

One says ‘Backwards’ and the other says ‘It Will Happen Again’.

Lost in the smoke, the haze of your charm and dripping intellect.

The winds have changed,

The Earth is rotating.

I can only but fall into you.

There were two ways to go,

I couldn’t decide on which so,

I let the magnet pick.

Heaven and Hell,

Boy oh boy,

I’m not your fucking toy.

Don’t you get it?

I picked you, I always pick you.



Our relationship like a church.

We started at the tower,

Burgeoning and flirting.

Progressing to the Belfry,

The space between us getting smaller.

You would brush up against me in the most innocent but intimate way.

We made our way up to the lantern.

I was so desperate to light it but I felt that I needed to wait.

I thought we would get to the spire but I’ve fallen back down to the tower.

Remnants of heart chambers scattered like a jigsaw puzzle.

I lay in wait like a predator,

Only more docile and with offering.

Eyelashes moistened by tears.

There is a leak in this church and,

It’s not from the rain.


Courtenay S Gray is a twenty-two-year-old writer/poet from the North of England. She is heavily influenced by Sylvia Plath. She has self published two poetry books and is currently working on her third.

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