'After The Carnival': A Poem by Parul Yadav


After the Carnival of Nova, I walked on the glistening road of silence

Entering the dark side of the moonbeam on this evil lens of life

The surreal smoke of cold winters, filled me up with seeing consciousness of the cosmos.

Heard the malefic agony of the wolves, howls that made you shiver

Heart expelled with legion of grieving spirits

whose voiceless endeavours seemed futile.

The Life's garden contradicting with the Lucifer's own Hell fire,

that grief stricken animal made

the whistles of grief.

The jealous whimpering of the wolves needing love killed their emotions.

The loses of reality, made the fireflies blow away their remorse

enchanting pasts failures of life.

From the ashes these voiceless creatures rised,

their sharp claws bewitched the dark cosmos.

Disoriented tongues couldn't tell their agonies.

After the Carnival, shadows whispered.


Parul Yadav is a 19 year old jovial enthusiastic lady from India. She is a second year undergraduate student of English Literature at Gargi College, Delhi University. She has a wide approach to her art and loves to explore different genres of poetry and writing. Often creating a combination of her charmistic zing of art and sufferings, she flows her thoughts on the piece of paper. Parul also has a passion for creating social awareness from the same and therefore, believes in the fact of writing being the most powerful tool for this era. Her love for liberal arts have changed her personality to a totally awaken one. You can find her on Instagram: @parulyadav_18, or on Twitter: @ParulYa61901347

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