'My Cat Is An Atheist': A Poem by Phoebe Woofter


honeycomb perches himself on the windowsill

kneading paws shifting shoulders

a sleek shadow sticky with


his tails flicks in the glow of

chapel lights

can a kitten know that one of twelve

betrayed with a kiss

does he know what a cross

means to millions


but maybe he senses something

celestial in the sky

or humble in the trees

what is faith to a kitten but his

trust in my hands to feed and water and

love him

i bathed him in a recycling bin this afternoon

an itchy distressing attempt at

drowning his fleas

he wailed and his

hummingbird heart fought against

the warm wetness

i cried

knowing his faith in my



am i his god

i hope not

i hope honeycomb is as blissfully atheist as i am

Phoebe Woofter is an outdoorsy gay who prides herself on her Sagittarius moon. Her work has appeared in College Magazine and Human/Kind Journal. Find her on Twitter: @WoofterPhoebe

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