'***' & 'Me and My Demons': Two Poems by Cecile Bol


at the end of the endless tunnel (tube?) … hole

a girl rolls onto a soft crackling surface

the light in this newfound place so bright and white

she assumes its rays are somehow magnified

by glass or so, but she thinks nothing of it

dazed by the single cherry tree towering

towards the heavens, its thirteen pink flowers

hugged by angular flakes of snow – so divine

she wishes it plenty of healthy red fruit

damn, its presence makes her feel angelic too

she gently lets herself drop onto the ground

waving her limbs to make an angel of snow

she’d never done so before for she dislikes

things frozen, but this stuff is warm, not unlike

his hands that seem to cup her as she lies there

overcome by a sudden devilish cheek

she winks at the petals above her – on cue

a lingering flake drops right into her mouth

what odd snow this is, it tastes just like plastic

and does not melt, but she thinks nothing of it

she feels safe –

inside –

his hands –

till he shakes it



‘Me and the Devil’ – alternative lyrics

sunset, I wake to

fingers ticking on my door

sunset, I wake to

your fingers ticking on my door

and I say ‘hello Madness,

I believe it's time to go’

me and my demons

walking to the woods

me and my demons

walking you into the woods

and I'm gonna love you right

until I get satisfied

baby, I don’t see why

I can’t do as I please

no, I don’t see why

I can’t have you how I please

don’t you think hedonists like you

oughta practice what they preach?

I’m gonna forsake your body

where the sun don’t ever shine

they won’t ever find your body

in the pines, in the pines

and I’ll keep on walking

with your blood worn on my lips

me and my demons will be walking

with your blood worn on our lips


Cecile Bol is a Dutch writer with a small family and a big garden in the north of the Netherlands. She is the co-leader of a local English poetry circle. Her English work has appeared (or is due to appear) in The Blue Nib, impspired, Picaroon Poetry, The Lake, Black Bough Poetry and anthologies from The Frogmore Press and Earlyworks Press. Find Cecile on Twitter: @cecilebol, or on her website: www.cecilebol.nl

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