'Down By The Dingle': A Poem by Courtenay S Gray


Foxglove plants withering,

Petticoats dithering.

A fetching sight has them retching on this night.

Wolf fangs devouring coughed up guts.

They hide in the shrubs,

Waiting with celerity for Aurora.

With a giggle,

They hop down to the dingle.

Reflections in the water show the ugly side of loneliness.

When the aurora has come,

The ether looks dazzling.

There is a serpent cowering before them.

The dawn is oddly tenebrous.

In the far distance,

A siren sings of lost lands and forbidden secrets.

These secrets threaten to incinerate the woodlands.

On this luminescent morning,

A banshee is conjuring an eerie caterwaul.


Courtenay S Gray is a 21-year-old writer from the North of England. She believes that writing is her life's purpose. Ink runs through her veins and she sees inspiration in her sleep.

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