'Sonnet No. 2, Dreaming' by N. Thomas Rios


I walked out where the ocean meets the land,

the crashing of the breakers scored my time.

The tempo of the waves upon the sand,

the pen upon the page in search of rhyme.

I stayed for hours or more, I couldn't say,

the salt and brine had lulled me soft to sleep.

My pencil and my pad forgotten lay,

I made my bed alone, in silence deep.

I dreamt in perfect rhyme and gleaming prose,

every word and verse would sing and fly.

From pencil point, they'd bloom like flow'ring rose,

they'd blossom ever upward, towards the sky.

And when I woke alone upon the shore,

The dream was just a dream, and nothing more.


N. Thomas Rios lives in Colorado with his wife Rebecca and three children, Grace, Ellie and Atticus. A lifelong lover of reading and writing, he recently decided to stop dreaming about writing and start living it. He is currently working on his debut novel. He can be found online at nthomasrios.com and on Twitter at twitter.com/nthomasrios.

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