'Emergence': A Poem by Deborah Hansen


Childhood erased me, the silent victim of anger flowing across the floorboards of our house.

I retreated to my bed with books my refuge, my only companion.

My reemergence—and my voice—caught us all unprepared.


Deborah Hansen

Jacksonville, FL. USA


@writerwaiting  (FB)


Writer, teacher, mediator, evolving human.

Deborah has been published in The Teacher Magazine, Florida Times-Union, First Coast Parent Magazine and most recently, Breathe Free Press, Runcible Spoon, and Burning House Press. Her essay, The Lesson, has been shortlisted for Banquet Erotica’s inaugural issue.

She is the author of Character in Everything, a curriculum for school-aged children, and the author of two books: Broken Strings: Wisdom for Divorced and Separated Families and Nothing to Complain About: My 125-Day Journey to Become Complaint Free. Her third book, Bacon-Wrapped Haiku, is an interactive collection of her Haiku.

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