'How Do You Like Them Apples?' & 'Halloweentown.': Two Poems by Courtenay S Gray


Verdant apples play dead amongst the soil and the dirt.

The spirits are voracious on this night.

Sugared spices deep into the coffins beneath the earth.

A recipe for a resurrection.

Dowdy and nefarious,

Witches crawl out of their bat caves,

Their pointy hats tilting in the brittle breeze.



Barbaric and rushed,

The fruit sheds its peels.

Witches cackles are quickly shushed.

There is no care for how hallows eve feels.

Coral pumpkins vastly flushed.

Ligaments flailing and congealed.

Once solid but now mushed.

Carriages sold for parts but not the wheels.

Bones broken and guts gushed.

Forlorn and broken, the banshee squeals.

Black cats meowing hushed.

The archaic danger which he conceals,

The Cardinal wine which was brushed.

Charred black hand with which the devil deals.


Courtenay S Gray is a twenty two year old poet from the Greater Manchester area in England. She has self published two poetry books. Her debut was "Top Hat & Time Tales" and her most recent was called "Cherry". Her poetry has also been featured in publications such as: Rhythm&Bones, Vamp Cat Mag, Mookychick, Royal Rose Mag and Picaroon Poetry. You can find her on Twitter: @courtenaywrites, or on Instagram: @courtenaysgray

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