'All Hallows Eve': A Poem by Sandy Phillips


Cr-ea-k, the coffin lid slowly opened allowing a

smoky, grey shadow with odious smell to escape.

It took a humanoid shape as it loped in and out

of the ancient gravestones, their earth heaving open.

It’s eyes glowed red with cat-like gleams, a non existing

nose was indicated by narrow slits. A wide black holed mouth

twisted to enable large gnarled fangs dripping green an outlet;

a Demon, resembling a Gothic church gargoyle.

The gargoyle hid behind a stout tree trunk, whose branches

Thrust themselves here and there like the Gorgon’s snakes in

The wild cold wind. The Great bestial Goat, Beelzebub watched

the monstrosity and beckoned to it, and it crept forward.

The earth cracked open, revealing steps leading down to a

hot Hellhole full of strange shapes which danced and twirled,

some in delight, some in agony. They belonged there as it did, and

tumbled down as the Goat dipped his finger in and stirred.

Weird music, brought images of slime, mud and dank caverns

sank deep into the soul of any hearing it, inspiring murderers and

cruelty in all aspects. The bizarre company pleaded with Devil

for release only to be met with laughter and added pain.

The night wore on, Beelzebub grew weary and sank into Hell.

The dawn cracked a slice of the sky and in the distance a cock

crowed. Things of the night slipped back into their tombs and

graves All Hallows Eve over. Blessed day had began.


Sandy Phillips first book is The Narrow Doorway and it is about the psychic events that have happened to her during her life. It is published by Local Legend, and can be ordered by Amazon. Sandy is now in the process of writing a poetry book.

She enjoys writing essays and taking part in poetry competitions. Sandy belongs to the Enfield poetry group and also has monthly sessions with a tutor. She writes articles and has had some printed in The Two Worlds and Psychic News. At the local theatre Sandy has read her poems to an audience with a jazz background.

Sandy also loves art and has had a clay piece accepted by the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy.

She can be found on FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Image by Sandy Phillips.

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