'Here's To You': A Poem by Andrew Talbot


Here’s to waking up alone in a ransacked hotel room and wondering how the fuck you got there.

How did it come to this?

Here’s to empty cigarette packets at 5.43am,

She stole my last one, huh?

Here’s to the bottle of Rum we didn’t quite finish,

Why didn’t she steal that too?

Here’s to late checkouts and carrying your body around the city like a tonne weight,

My stomach aches, why do I do this?

Here’s to The Advocate on an early hungover Tuesday afternoon,

I wonder if that barmaid is working today?

She’ll make it all better for a while

Do you think she knows?


Andrew Talbot is a 29 year old writer from County Durham, specialising in free verse poetry.  A writer for over a decade now, Andrew has recently begun sending his work to various magazines and competitions, finding success with Burn The Press Magazine (Volume 3) and Grindstone Literary Magazine (Volume 1). In his free time he enjoys reading, drinking rum and getting lost in unfamiliar cities.

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