'Hopeless Journey': A Poem by Drew Campbell


Past the portal,

Into a world of contradiction.

Hold a bottle made from ice,

To the light of the fire,

And see past the moment.

Follow the streams of knowledge,

That escape into the mist.

As you look upward,

You will come to guess,

What has become,

Of your surroundings.


Far past the warnings,

of a discrepant world.

An understood chaos,

Gripping fibers to mend the narrative.

But shards of ice fall,

Toward the fire.

Yet still,

You venture on.

Accepting the ill-favoured odds.

A descent,

Into uncertain outcomes.


Drew Campbell is a creator from California.

Together with his partner he runs VLASINDA PRODUCTIONS, which produces art in multiple mediums, including films and zines. In recent years they have also organised events to showcase other artists and help build a more connected creative community. In his spare time, he enjoys writing stories, reading comic books, and watching movies. He is currently writing his first novella.

For more work and announcements, visit IG: @vlasinda_stormdrain and YouTube.com/vlaSINda

Illustration by Drew Campbell.

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