'Hubble Bubble': A Poem by Tricia Atkin


“Hubble bubble

toil and trouble”.

Cackles the ugly old witch, black cat on her shoulder,

tonight she will use her evil power.

It is the witching hour.

Midnight eerily strikes.

Out go all the lights.

The fire burns and the black cauldron bubbles,

the evil witch will now double some unfortunate’s troubles.

Toads and potions are tossed into boiling hot cauldron,

to make her potent lotions,

the hot liquid splashes.

Causing the fire to erupt in sparks and flashes.

“I will apply this potion on this Halloween night.

Thus I will give my victim a nasty fright”.

“I will cast my evil spell,

ha ha the evil witch cackles, this night I will send them to hell!


Tricia Atkin has had two short stories published in City University's Student Union Beacon magazine in her student days and Southgate Club's Art Exhibition booklet in 2014. She has performed readings of her work in Alexandra Park Library earlier this year. She has run a garden centre and worked as a Council Community Development Officer. She is now retired though does part-time work as a gardener and volunteer work. She attends a Creative Writing Group in Barnet and is writing a memoir about her convent school days.

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