'Late Night Meal In The Dreamscape': A Poem by Jeffrey Yamaguchi


There in the distance

we take our seats in this dream

a table set for two

An old story I always tell

is shared through an out of nowhere cool breeze

that lofts the sun-warmed wisps

of your shimmering black hair

You tell me a secret

by having a cloud

pass over the sun

for the briefest of moments

Our laughter is the rushing thrum

of unseen waves

beyond the hills but

so very close to our hideaway perch

The meal is exactly

what we had all those years ago

in the beachside restaurant without walls

that stayed open late just for us

I know we'll see that

mermaid in lights

on the deserted roadside

as we head back home

One more drink before we leave

our raised glasses clink

and my eyes open to see yours

glowing in the light of a new moon


Jeffrey Yamaguchi creates projects with words, photos, and video as art explorations, as well as through his work in the publishing industry. Find him on Twitter: @jeffyamaguchi, or on his website at: jeffreyyamaguchi.com.

Photograph by Jeffrey Yamaguchi.

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