Letter From The Editors

"One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by."

Wanderlust is here! After the wonderful response to Romance & New Beginnings, we were even more excited for July and we've received the most wonderful submissions so here is our summery, wanderlusty and — in typical Vamp Cat fashion — kinda weird issue.

Vamp Cat Magazine continues to grow with each passing month and it couldn't have been done without your support. We honestly couldn't believe how much the journal has grown in just nine months.

We chose 'Wanderlust' as this month's theme as it holds a special place in both of our hearts. One half of Vamp Cat spends their time toing and froing from the Middle East and the other is hella Italian and, when we're not working, we're planning on our first trip together. Still no idea where we want to go yet, the world is a big place and there's just too many options! 'Wanderlust' can be interpreted in so many ways so expect a few surprises in this issue as well.

We, once again, fill this issue with a host of enormously gifted writers; some returning, some new to the family. To everyone who's ever read, submitted, liked a post, or supported our little mag in any way, we thank you. Of course, the biggest thank you goes to our wonderful contributors for this amazing issue. Without you, we would be nothing. Literally!

So grab a Pimm's, put on our Wanderlust playlist, sit out in the garden if you can, and enjoy!

We hope you love our July 2019 issue as much as we've loved creating it.

Lorna Codrai and Alessandra Podda

Co-Creators and Editors


Photograph by Lorna Codrai.

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