Letter From The Editors

Since we began Vamp Cat Magazine in September 2018, we have been overwhelmed by the love and support we have received from the writing community. It was an incredibly daunting process but our love of literature and, most of all, you guys, kept us going. Every submission, every reply, every tweet of love and thanks put the biggest smile on our faces and, whenever we're feeling unmotivated or suffering from the dreaded writer’s block, it’s always the wonderful cats in the Vamp Cat universe that give us the jump start that we so desperately need.

We have loved creating our new themed issues for this year and are so excited for what’s coming next for our little magazine. We chose ‘Romance & New Beginnings’ obviously to coincide with Valentine’s Day but, mainly, to highlight love — something the world desperately needs right now. Also, Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap — we're sappy buggers! With this issue, we want to celebrate love in all its forms — happy, devastating, fleeting etc. — and to highlight the fundamental part of our existence: change. No matter the obstacles, however big or small, we all have to overcome something. Our differences are often highlighted but underneath we are all yearning for the same thing: “if we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that too.”

We are incredibly honoured to highlight a host of gifted writers. We always intended for Vamp Cat to support new and upcoming talent and we’re so happy to have received so many submissions. We want to thank everyone who has read and supported us and give a special thank you to our wonderful contributors for this issue. We couldn’t have done this without you — quite literally, I mean what’s a literary magazine without any writing?! We are also incredibly excited to showcase some of Lorna's brother’s photography for this issue as well. Photography runs in their family and, well, let’s just say that particular talent eluded him until very recently! He finally picked up a camera and it turns out his work is pretty darn great. We think his two images perfectly capture the mood of this month’s theme.

We hope you love our February 2019 Issue. We adore it and think you will too.

Lorna Codrai and Alessandra Podda

Co-Creators and Editors


Photograph by Ben Codrai

(IG/ @bencodrai)

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