'Messenger' & 'That Change': Two Poems by Rickey Rivers Jr.


All the flowers had died by the time she received them.

The candy melted and someone stole the teddy bear.

And yet,

she appreciated the fact that you thought about her.

She didn't get the gifts

and that's alright.

They wouldn't make her love you more than she already does

and that's the honest truth.



You feel that change too, don't you?

I felt it when we left home.

I knew it then

as we walked across that hill

that there would be no turning back.

Our backs carry the past

in reflection.


Rickey Rivers Jr. was born and raised in Alabama. He is a writer and cancer survivor. He likes a lot of stuff. You don't care about the details. He has been previously published in Fabula Argentea, ARTPOST magazine, the anthology Chronos, Enchanted Conversations Magazine, (among other publications). Some stuff from him here, https://storiesyoumightlike.wordpress.com/. You may or may not find something you like there and that's a promise. Twitter.com/storiesyoumight

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