'Rapture 2': A Poem by Stuart Buck


you said look, the stars are changing

through the xylophonic slats, I saw

pinpoints congealing, melting together

not little pricks of time

but tantric smears of energy

a flamboyant parade of slaked lime

until the night sky was bright white, pure

light, pouring into our welcoming throats

and I choked back a single tear

and held your trembling hand

for if this was the rapture

then why were we still here


Stuart Buck is a poet and author living in North Wales. His debut collection of poetry, Casually Discussing the Infinite, peaked at 89 on Amazon's World Poetry chart and his second book 'Become Something Frail' will be released on Selcouth Station Press in 2019. When he is not writing or reading poetry, he likes to cook, juggle and listen to music. He suffers terribly from tsundoku - the art of buying copious amounts of books that he will never read.

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