'Self-Abnegate': A Poem by Ashley Bullen-Cutting


i wile away hour drives

in anxious thousand yard stares

divining denouements

in lines sketched by raindrops

i mislay myself in luminaries

plunging consciousness

into plasma death-rattles

erroneously read

i worry at the backs of cupboards

in flaxen spam and out-of-date spices

denying maxims

in dishes yet served

i hear what i want to hear

glee through a keyhole

the popping of a cork

a white-coat and

an authoritative

all clear


Ashley Bullen-Cutting writes prose and poetry with a proclivity towards the Eco, Gothic or Weird. He likes painting his nails and wandering word wastelands. His work has been published in Isacoustic, Riggwelter, Mojave Heart Review and Three Drops Poetry, and is forthcoming at Ghost City Review and Twist in Time. @abullencutting

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