'Falling In Love (And Other Spells Cast)' & 'When Magic Is Spoken': Two Poems by Ariel Moniz


Who claimed that only witches could cast spells?

What about men with iron hearts

and perfect porcelain teeth?

Whose smiles stretch for miles

across the glamoured landscape of their face?

Who carry around pedestals to put you on

as an altar to their devotion,

who cast curses with words

“You’re not like other girls”

those who bind your feet

and set you on a throne

so they can bask in you through a screen

and take you to a bed

that smells like a funeral home—

Too often that first kiss

sticks to the inside of our cheek

hooked, we are reeled to a shore

we didn’t seek,

and what’s more

we forget who we were before.



When you say


I taste gunpowder

and catch the scent of blood

caught under fingernails—

I hear sobbing at dusk.

I feel metal and weapons

made from the flesh

meeting in the alchemy of death.

I do not want to hear about your magic

that knows nothing of living or dying,

only the void between.

When we say


We taste the earth

mingled with the scent of blooming flowers

and falling leaves—

We hear the ocean waves at sunrise.

We feel the tenderness of a wind current

on its way between mountains and trees,

everything within the supple womb of creation.

We do not need to hear about your magic,

we know everything there is to know

about life and death and the void between.


Ariel Moniz is a lifelong writer, emerging poet, and avid reader. She identifies as a believer in empathy, magic, and the healing powers of the written word. She currently runs two blogs and is working on her first poetry collection as well as a novel. Find her on Instagram: @kiss.of.the.seventh.star, or on Twitter: @kissthe7thstar

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