'Lights Out Tea' & 'Under The Weighted Blanket': Two Poems by Leona Wilde


My mind is a cast iron cauldron that smokes

late into the night. These fancy thoughts

flickering into sunspots. Hot & vibrating—

He says my twilight insomnia “is payment

to the Nine Muses.” But my waxing and

his waning circadian rhythms have kept our

flesh apart too long. We search for a dreamer’s

brew together. Hibiscus red hearts. Peppermint

leave lips. Soft lavender touch. His tongue sweet

with licorice. My midnight black hair crowned

with chamomile. Our embrace a root dose of

valerian sleep.



I’ve been possessed by anxiety lately.

Brought my shadow into our daybed.

Tossing & turning under the comforters.

He offers to cradle me under his body

when the witching hour visits. Whisper

angel oracle cards into my pierced ears.

Wrap his sunkissed arms around my

waist & catch my soul when it falls out

of nightmares. Remember I’m here

when the wisdom teethdrop onto

my tongue when the bloodhounds

chase after my heels when I’m

chauffeured in the back of a motorbike

hearse —just open your sleepy eyes

& find me with a warming sunrise.


Leona Wilde is a poet returning from a long hiatus after slaying her suburban demons. Her work has appeared in multiple literary magazines, including Prairie Margin, Squalorly, and Eunoia Review. She is currently working on two chapbooks about trauma and healing that will be free to read on her website (wilderush.com). She can be found on Instagram and Twitter under wilderush.

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