'This Moment': A Poem by Lisa L. Weber


In the silence before sleep,

I lay my head upon your chest

and listen closely

as your heart tells its secrets.

I breathe in your scent,

let it fill every part of me

as I trace your ribs with my fingers

and your legs with my own.

You run your fingers through my wild hair,

press your lips to my forehead

and whisper your adoration.

Peace blankets our naked bodies,

our naked souls—

a comforting warmth,

and the world melts away

and we melt into each other.

It is this moment

I return to the place where I belong,

the place my soul calls home.

It is this moment

I find freedom from all that binds me—

all the anger and frustration,

all the pain and sorrow.

It is this moment

I know the heart of love—

the heart of you, the heart of me.

It is this moment,

forever this moment.


Lisa L. Weber is a curious cat with a wandering mind. Her words have been published in Awkward Mermaid, Barren Magazine, Bone & Ink Press, Feminine Collect, Memoir Mixtapes, Mojave Heart Review, Royal Rose, and others. Follow her on Twitter @LisaLermaWeber

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