'Cact(i)' & 'Shedding My Last Blue Leaf': Two Poems by Masie


Not a fungi, a cacti

Gifted with natural pesticides the only way to


Spines made from everything that hurts, and

every time I’ve been hurt,

While green with envy for i hate everything

within me.

Alone in the desert with no one around, alone

in the desert where i can't be found.

The cacti is meant to die.



Shedding my last blue leaf like watching a

sunset what a beautiful view.

Please i can feel you,

Please just let me be you,

Please i know i am you,

Please we no longer have to be blue,

just look at the view

Please just look at the hue its pink now,

never blue please just look i am you,

Look were pink we don’t have to be blue

Look you can finally be you

Please just finally be you.


Masie is a Trans woman artist in various facets of photography poetry and painting. She creates works centered around her feelings varying from dysphoria, to varied forms of emotional distress, to progress on her journey to being who she sees herself being. @thedreamy_demon is her Instagram username.

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