Two Poems by Ophelia Leong


The night wind whispers your voice in a sigh

Which finds its way into the whorls of my ears

Reverberating and twirling

Until it comes out my lips like a benediction

Moonbeams ride the chill air

Stars sparkle like stallions’ eyes

Along the street my feet tread in determination

Following the teasing tendrils of your name

Hanging in the night wind

Like petals fluttering on a nearby rose bush

Streetlamps blossom along the way

Their light a faint glow in the dark of night

I am propelled by the night wind

With just your name as my guide

The syllables are the streets

and the sound is the direction

The night wind swallows me whole

Like a dragon with it’s prey



like tea leaves

seeping through a teabag

and perfuming

gently steaming water,

I sit still and let

my thoughts

fill my mind


Ophelia Leong has been published in Tribe Magazine, Mamalode, Literary Mama, Mothers Always Write, Allegro Poetry, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Saturday Night Reader, Eunoia Review, Beyond Science Fiction, and others. She loves to write and Irish Dance in her free time. Check out her blog here: and find her on Twitter at @OpheliaLeong.

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