'Reason For The Season' & 'Bare Bulb, Bare Stage': Two Poems by Paige Poe


once a somber elegy to fall, now a glistening gluttony, a glittered harvest when we revel behind our false faces.

startled by fall's lingering bite

and winter's soft approach, we gather together to raise

a lamp against the creeping darkness,

to escape the gnashing teeth of worry. a pumpkin's crooked grin casts amber light on the sparkling feet of trick or treaters crunching through leaves and sticky cellophane: the first of the dead, returned to the soil. and the children, eagerly swapping sweets, sense the death of a season, feel the urgent air, so they hustle and hunt in a fanged, feathered pack. one night of masqueraded bravado, fear in a fancy coat and curls, to gorge on the pleasures of flesh and sight before it all disappears.


BARE BULB, BARE STAGE when the last stagehand locks up, and the magic cavern has emptied herself of crowds and craft, only the ghost lamp glow splashes the velvet curtains, drifting hazily over serpentine scaled seats.

in this sacred half-light, 

spirits unwind from ropes, 

rise through trap doors and drift between shadows to dance rings around a terrestrial moon, nightly worshipping this temple of transformation.

in repertoire they whisper from the wings, 

sirens singing to fresh victims,

drawing their living brethren 

into an eternal production.

once lured under stage lights, pulled by applause's allure, they remain, now disembodied and bloodless, 

bound to their ultimate lover, 

haunting her hallowed hall forever.


Paige Poe is a lesbian poet, wordsmith, and theatre artist based out of  Houston, Texas. Inspired by the confessional poetry tradition, Paige strives to present modern femininity, the theatricality of everyday life, and the spooky, wild, and wonderful in the context of her own experiences. Recent publications include Brave Voices Magazine, eleven40seven, and the anthology Texas' Best Emerging Poets of 2017. You can find her at paigegpoe.com, on Instagram as @paige_outofmybook, and on Twitter as @poelogue.

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