Two Poems by Shreyaa Tandel


was sad and lonely once

with watery eyes...

and a negative mind,

i looked within,

the dusty soul, the soul of glass

and saw a black hole

the hole that was only mine

the hole that counted

each tear, each sorrow

and enlarged as i cried

enlarged as i dipped

several times in it

with darkness around

and a salty lake...

the hole was a friend

showing me things hard to comprehend

the hole was a void, poignant

like a room door

closed and locked

with no man, no fear

with emptiness surrounded

and pain that i hide

and the clouds of tears

that fell on the dark night,

lying beneath the eye

awakening the demons of the mind

the hole was within me

or was it just me...?



her moon like face


like the resplendent

little oil lamps

in a peaceful shrine

with a tint of blush

rosy blush


the rusty, teary bounded page

in a form as pure

as poetry

despondent from life,

dead inside, yet alive

a sacred sight she was,

with blonde hair

a peachy blush,

and tears rolling down

like the dew drops

a sacred sight


in a black veil

– naayaab


Shreyaa Tandel is a self-established poet or, you can say amateur poet, from India. Her poem "Inadvertently Alive" was featured in the blue pages literature magazine's 2018 September issue. When she isn't writing or glued in front of a computer/cell phone screen, she spends time singing North Indian classical music and reading the Bhagwad Gita and pretending very hard to be happy, even though she isn't. You can reach her at or on Twitter at @merakuchsaamaan

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