We publish three times a year and each issue will have a different theme.


Submissions are open during the months of January, June and September, for work to be published in FebruaryJuly and October.

Please review our submissions guidelines before you submit your work to us.

Below are the details for 2020:

February/March 2020 Issue

'Dream a Little Dream of Me'

Submissions: 27 January – 16 February 2020

Publication: 19 March 2020

July 2020 Issue

'This Is The Fairy Land'

Submissions: 1 June – 21 June 2020

Publication: 6 July 2020

October 2020 Issue

'Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here'

Submissions: 1 September – 21 September 2020

Publication: 28 October 2020